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Does oversizing matter?

In short, bigger isn’t better when it comes to HVAC equipment. Simply put, oversized equipment is more costly than properly sized equipment, and also leads to decreased comfort and air quality. Oversized HVAC units bring a home to its set temperature quickly, and then shut off, only to come back on a few minutes later. This is known as short-cycling, and leads to increased noise levels and uneven temperatures. Additionally, short cycling means that units don’t run long enough to dehumidify and filter a home’s air. During an air conditioners first few minutes of operation, the air conditioner cools the home’s air, but not enough moisture collects on the cold coil or in the pan for any water to actually be drained out. When the unit turns off, all of the moisture re-evaporates into the indoor air. A properly sized HVAC unit will maximize your energy efficiency, comfort and air quality. A qualified dealer can provide an accurate load calculation to correctly size your new HVAC unit.


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Does oversizing matter?