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How often should I have my gas furnace serviced?

Annual service by a licensed gas technician or heating contractor will avoid costly emergency furnace repair down the road. Between these service calls, you can perform some routine maintenance yourself:

Regularly inspect the furnace filter, and clean or replace it when it becomes dirty. A dirty filter will compromise heating efficiency and air quality.

Check the fain or blower and clean off dust or debris. Check the motor’s fan belt, and replace it if it appears to be worn out.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see whether your fan motor needs to be oiled by hand. Many newer motors are sealed, so do not require this.

Other maintenance may be necessary for a high-efficiency furnace. Check the manual or contact the heating contractor who installed or is servicing your furnace.

Remove loose debris from cold air returns and heating registers. Be sure that returns and registers aren’t blocked by furniture, drapes, rugs or other items.


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How often should I have my gas furnace serviced?