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Flow Rate Calculations

Flow rate is very important for tankless systems, and varies regionally based upon the temperature of your municipal water supply. In Toronto and Ontario, at 77-degree Fahrenheit temperature increase is a good baseline for your winter water output. Note that some companies utilize 45 or even 35-degree water output rats characteristic of warmer climates in order to install smaller, inexpensive units that are cheaper but don’t provide sufficient water heating. Also be aware that some home renovation stores geared towards DIY sell smaller systems that are similarly priced to a conventional water heater but don’t get the job done. A conventional water heater with a 40-50 gallon tank puts out about 7-9 gallons of hot water per minute until the water runs out, regardless of the water supply’s temperature. A tankless heater has roughly the same output in the summer, but the output drops in the winter, when the water supply is colder. In the coldest days of Toronto’s winters, a tankless may drop to the 4-6gpm range, which is still sufficient to run two showers and an additional appliance. However, the smaller, cheaper tankless systems may not be able to keep this pace up.


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Flow Rate Calculations