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What is two-stage heating?

Two-stage heating refers to a system in which the furnace has two levels of heat output, with a high setting for the coldest winter days and a low setting for more mild days. The low setting is adequate 80% of the time, meaning that the furnace is able to run for longer periods than a standard furnace, providing more even heating distribution. There are many advantages of a two-stage furnace installation, including more even heating, improved air filtration, and increased energy efficiency. Improved energy efficiency Because two-stage furnaces operate largely in the lower-capacity stage, they require less energy than standard furnaces. This is great for the planet and for your energy bill. Quieter operation A two-stage furnace kicks on in the lower stage rather than reaching full capacity immediately. This prevents sudden bursts of air. Enhanced air filtration performance Because low-speed operation keeps your furnace running for longer periods of time, air filters are able to capture more airborne contaminants and particulates. Even heating Because low-stage operation keeps a furnace from switching on and off as often, it eliminates the temperature swings of a standard furnace. Two-stage heating is often able to keep the temperature within as little as one degree of the set point.


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What is two-stage heating?