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What types of tankless systems are there?

Aside from different brands and manufacturers, there are different types of tankless systems. Most manufacturers produce both condensing and non-condensing models.

Regular Tankless: In a regular tankless, a primary heat exchanger heats water to the desired temperature on demand as it’s needed. This type is 80-84% efficient, and common models include RL75i or NRC83.

Condensing Tankless: A condensing tankless system utilizes two heat exchangers. The primary heat exchanger is used to provide all necessary hot water for your home. The secondary heat exchanger is positioned at the top of the system, and captures heat from the exhaust (which is normally wasted) to preheat the incoming water. Condensing tankless systems increase efficiency by approximately 12%. Common models include the RU98i, NEP210 and NRC98.


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What types of tankless systems are there?