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Will my new furnace work differently than my old one?

Furnace technology has significantly progressed in recent years, meaning that a modern furnace will have enhanced functionality in comparison to an older, conventional furnace. Modern furnaces provide more consistent and efficient heating than older furnaces, which can change operation of your system, but also enhance your comfort level. Modern furnaces circulate more air over the heat exchanger, meaning that the air coming from furnace registers may not feel as warm, but has increased airflow and more consistent comfort overall. Newer furnaces also integrate with high-efficiency air conditioners, meaning that furnace blowers are more powerful in order to be compatible with add-on cooling. Because cold air is heavier than warm air, your HVAC system needs a stronger blower to deliver cooled air. In older homes, this increase in your blower’s power could result in different sounds than you’re accustomed to, because older air duct systems were originally designed to accommodate heating only. Installation of a variable speed product that automatically changes speed to accommodate airflow needs of heating and cooling cycles can reduce noise levels.


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Will my new furnace work differently than my old one?