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Ruth Anne Smith

My name is Ruth Smith (xxx Bar Harbour Sq). I want to take this opportunity to provide positive feedback on the services your company has provided me.

Firstly, your company representative (Edward) who was our initial contact with your company was friendly and very knowledgeable on the services we requested. Additionally providing information on the grants available and benefits of the installation.

We met with Edward on two occasions and very much due to his thoroughness and knowledge, we signed with your company for installation of high efficiency furnace in our home. After signing, an office representative with excellent telephone manners called to confirm our order and install date, which made me feel well assured that we signed with reputable and established company.

Lastly, our installation was completed today (Nov 10). The 3 installers showed up on time, were friendly and were very considerate of my home. They explained each step in the progress, so I always knew what to expect. They showed extra care in the cleanliness and belongings of my home which I really appreciated. They were very fast and very efficient.

I am one happy customer and will rehire your company for any future needs and will most certainly recommend you to friends, family and neighbors.

Thank you for a positive experience.




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Ruth Anne Smith