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Armstrong Air 93% AFUE, High Efficiency, Single Stage

    Installed in 24 hours!


  • “A” models benefit from Aluminized steel primary heat exchanger with crimped no weld construction
  • Smooth ignition by aluminized steel inshot burners
  • PSC multi-speed blower motor
  • Self-diagnostic unit with last 5 fault code saves

Patented EHX™ Technology

Armstrong patented EHX™ technology is designed to eliminate the hot spots that can shorten the life of the furnace. This technology also makes the heat exchanger more durable. With advanced airflow system, it also enhances both efficiency and comfort.


Patented Quiet Combustion™ Technology

This furnace makes use of Quiet Combustion™ Technology where it uses a smaller Btu input per burner for a quiet start-up and operation while the heat is also distributed consistently

Internal Monitoring System

This Armstrong Air A931A furnace’s electronic control system continuously monitors internal components for optimum performance and fault prevention and thus also prolonging the unit’s life.

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Armstrong Air A931A AFUE Gas Furnace Features, Financing & Rental Toronto