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Chimney Liners Services

A chimney liner shields your chimney’s walls from heat and corrosion. Aluminum or stainless steel liners extend the life of your chimney, and properly vent combustion products from gas, oil and woods appliances outdoors. Chimney liners can be damaged by chimney fires, water damage, house settling and natural deterioration, so should be serviced regularly.

Many older Toronto homes have unlined chimneys, and many homeowners no longer use their wood fireplaces due to smoke problems. If you smell smoke in your basement or upstairs while using your fireplace, it is indicative of a serious problem that can be corrected by installation of a proper chimney liner. Be sure to enlist the help of a competent, licensed professional for the installation process, as improper chimney liners or installation practices can be hazardous.

Why You Need a Chimney Liner

There are many reasons to install a chimney liner. If your chimney is older construction, it may not have a liner, or the existing liner may have deteriorated. Chimney liners vent fumes from your home heating appliances, and a proper chimney liner is essential for your safety.

A proper chimney liner is essential for your home to meet Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) building standards. A proper chimney liner is required by the TSSA for atmospheric or conventional vent gas water heaters, as moisture from your vented hot water heater tank must be released from your chimney.

If your home doesn’t currently have a chimney liner or if your existing chimney liner is out of date when your new hot water heater is installed, the technician must install a new chimney liner to meet TSSA standards.

Our Services

Consumers Energy Management’s fully licensed professionals offer chimney liner installation for residential customers. Our highly trained technicians will aid in the selection of a proper chimney liner, size it appropriately and install it to bring your home up to TSSA standards.

Your chimney liner installation will begin with an inspection and cleaning of the existing masonry chimney. Cleaning your chimney prior to installation is essential, as it will remove any obstacles that could be problematic for the installation process.

Once the chimney is ready, the liner will be carefully lowered into the chimney from the top, and attached to a base support system attached from the bottom. However, installation of a flexible liner may be conducted from the bottom up. The exact installation process will depend upon your home.

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