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Up to 98% AFUE Communicating, Modulating Gas Furnace

    Installed in 24 hours!


  • California NOx approved with up to 98% AFUE rating
  • Heating Operation between 40% – 100% capacity
  • Registered Observer™ Communicating Control System
  • ECM variable speed blower motor Xtra SEER
  • Support for both single- and two-stage cooling units
  • Cooling includes a dehumidification feature

Long-Lasting Furnace

G9MAE Gas Furnace is manufactured by KeepRite to be a durable long lasting gas furnace with energy and fuel savings and enjoys features including

  • Standard sensor for flame roll−out
  • Adjustable heating blower OFF delay
  • Factory set blower ON delay
  • Primary heat exchanger with RPJ® Technology
  • Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger
  • Limit control for high temperature to prevent overheating
  • Direct ignition with Silicon Nitride igniter


Quiet Comfort with Easy Maintenance

KeepRite G9MAE Gas Furnace with its variable speed induced draft combustion and ECM blower motor operates at a very quiet noise with lower heating rates. The furnace is also housed in an insulated steel cabinet to make it more quiet and inaudible. To make maintenance and service easy, this gas furnace unit is equipped with self-configuring and communication control. A slide out heat exchanger assembly and blower assembly is also included for easier maintenance.

Consumers Energy Management Inc. is Authorized Retailer of KeepRite


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