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Battle Dust Mites and Breathe Easier

Dust mites are one of the biggest causes of allergies in many people in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. Dust brings on respiratory problems, as well as other conditions such as nasal rhinitis and coughing. Dust mites love humidity, which the Toronto Area does not get in the winter. However, residences that use humidifiers to add moisture to the air in the winter may see an increase in dust mites, even when the air outside is cold and dry. Those who keep their home above a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius facilitate the growth of dust mites.

Dust mites can be very aggravating to all residents, and they are one consequence of poor indoor air quality. Fortunately, certain prevention measures can keep them at bay.

Lower the Humidity

People with humidifiers in their home need to keep the indoor humidity to less than 55 percent. Simply adjusting the humidifier makes this easy, since the winter in Toronto is already quite dry. Though humidity can benefit allergy sufferers, keeping it too high encourages growth of organisms like dust mites and mold. Both can seriously affect the quality of life inside your home.

Do Home Improvements

Constant allergy sufferers often benefit from removing carpeting and replacing it with hardwood flooring. Consider this as a home improvement strategy if you have serious problems with dust mites and allergies year-round. A less intense fix is to vacuum the floors on a regular basis. This helps to remove any buildup of dust, which staves off allergy symptoms. Lastly, always wear a mask while you are cleaning dust. Dust can easily invade your respiratory system as you do your cleaning, which kicks up the allergy-causing materials.

Wash your bed sheets and linens regularly with hot water to remove dust mites. Use a mite-proof mattress. Alternatively, you can spread a spare sheet over your bed to collect the dust, and then roll it down off the bed once you are ready to sleep.

Consider Air Purification

Some air purification systems can help clear the air of invasive microbes. They work to maintain indoor air quality and keep you from dealing with constant health problems. Additionally, furnace fans can filter the air of dust mites and debris that hang around the furnace. Fans also keep the air dry, and dust mites cannot multiply as easily in dry air.

Inspect and Change Filters

Dirty air filters are a major cause of dust mite growth and collection. The filters also cause your furnace to work harder to heat the home, which results in higher energy bills. Check your filters on a regular basis to see if any material has developed. Clean or switch out the air filter as necessary. In the winter, you may need to change the air filter every month.

Dust mites can invade your home and make life miserable if you have allergies. However, there are many ways to defeat dust mites and work on improving your indoor air quality during the winter. Call/Contact Consumers Energy Management Inc. to come out to inspect your home and give advice on maintaining indoor air quality.

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