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Diagnosing Ductwork Problems and Noises

The ductwork in your home is a huge part of the effectiveness of your HVAC system. Spending a winter in the Toronto area could be hard enough without factoring in some strange issues with your ductwork. Consumers Energy Management can help you diagnose some ductwork problems, which includes figuring out why your ductwork may be making odd noises intermittently.

Common Ductwork Problems

If you’re experiencing poor airflow in your home, then there may be a few occurrences happening with your ductwork.

Tears and holes: The duct itself may have tears and holes, causing the air to leak out of the duct. Even a small hole can result in a fair amount of air loss.

Crimping: The duct could also become crimped, which means that it could be bent. This causes a lack of airflow because the air does not have a clear duct to run through.

Disconnection: Sometimes, the duct is disconnected completely, which results in a waste of air and ineffectiveness in your HVAC system.

Generally, these ductwork problems can be easily diagnosed as long as you know what to look for. Keep an eye on your ductwork when you first notice that your HVAC airflow is uneven. At times, the ductwork runs too long in your home, or is impeded by too many bends and turns. Essentially, the duct needs to be connected and run without blockages through wherever it needs to go. Tears, crimps and other problems can affect the efficiency of your HVAC system and, overall, waste energy.

What Are Those Noises?

At times, ducts make strange noises that might startle you and cause you to wonder if it’s experiencing any problems. Some noises are harmless, but others might be more concerning.

Popping and Whistling: You may hear popping and whistling sounds in the ducts after the system kicks in or shuts off. Both noises are common after an air duct cleaning, since the system is working at its full capacity. Popping noises happen when the duct readjusts itself due to air pressure, and whistling occurs when air travels quickly down the cleaned ducts and leaves the air registers. Installing thicker duct walls and finding the right-sized registers can help alleviate these noises.

Banging Ducts: Some people hear a banging sound in their ducts before the furnace turns on. This noise probably comes from the furnace burners, not from the ductwork. Burners can become dirty over time, so they ignite slowly. When they finally do ignite, they burn more fuel than they need to, causing a miniature explosion within the furnace. Consumers Energy Management can help with this furnace problem by cleaning out the device.

Ductwork can be faulty, and it might take time to diagnose some of their problems. Consumers Energy Management can help you diagnose duct noises and solve most common ductwork issues easily.

Once you’ve found out the problem in your ductwork, you can fix it yourself by following a guide, or call Consumers Energy Management to come fix it. Often, these ductwork issues can be solved quickly, especially if we already know the root of the problem.

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