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How Consumers Energy Management Can Help With Preventative Maintenance

When you have a great heating system — whether it’s a heat pump, a gas furnace or a dual fuel setup — you may be content to let it run during the winter and to rest during the summer. As long as you feel the heat, you may think your heating system is doing fine on its own.

Actually, both heating and cooling systems should be serviced twice a year for preventative maintenance. Checking on your systems ensures that they are running effectively, while saving energy and remaining cost-efficient. Even though you feel the benefit of the heat in the winter, you may not realize that your system may be suffering from improper maintenance.

Air Quality

A heating system that is not inspected regularly will likely build up dust and dirt. This dirt clings to the system and gets circulated throughout your home along with the heat. Since the particles are so small, you likely won’t see them floating around. However, you may notice that your health declines and you might suffer allergies or even contract a cold.

This dust can severely impact your indoor air quality and even your quality of life without you even knowing it. If you notice that you are having respiratory problems during the winter, call CEM so that we can inspect your heating system. We can replace the filters and inspect the coils to make sure the heating works as smoothly as possible without attracting dirt.

Energy Costs

When a heating system develops blockages, the system has to work harder to pump heated air throughout your home. The area won’t be as warm as it could be, and you will see your energy costs spike on your next bill. A dirty HVAC system is generally the reason for these increased costs that go beyond simply using the system more often.

A tune-up by Consumers Energy Management will ensure that your heating system is working as efficiently as possible. We perform dozens of preventative tests that diagnose the problems with your system so that we can fix the issue and make sure your system is doing its job.

Give Your System a Longer Life

Any heating or cooling system that runs without annual safety checks will have shorter lives. When the machines have to strain, it affects their efficiency and causes them to break down more often. You will be replacing your system much sooner than you would like if you don’t get some tune-ups every once in a while.

At Consumers Energy Management, our goal is to prolong the lives of these systems and get them working properly. We don’t want to hear about sick customers who suffer from dust allergies, or people who pay exorbitant bills because their system is inefficient. You can easily solve these problems by giving us a call and having us run tests.

Avoid the consequences of a heating system running dirty and blocked in the winter. Instead, enjoy the nice heat and keep warm and healthy during the cold months with the help of Consumers Energy Management.

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