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How to Maintain a Residential Natural Gas Furnace

Natural Gas FurnaceA furnace is an important part of a heating system and can by fueled with oil or gas. A gas furnace transforms the gas into BTUs and it is used to heat people’s houses, to boil the water for their bathrooms and other hot water applications, and to help maintain a temperate ambient temperature throughout a home.

Even if Toronto is one of the warmest cities in Canada during the winter season, winters are still severe. Snow falls from mid-December to mid-March, about 60 days per year. This creates the need for the population of the city of Toronto to have an affordable and easy way to keep their homes heated. A good solution for this is the furnace rental. Companies that provide this rental service can offer you free installation, lifetime service, even the replacement of the equipment if it cannot be repaired in a short period of time.

A natural gas furnace is a good way to keep your home warm and help you feel safe, because of its ease of maintenance. A natural gas furnace is easy to install and it can be used in less than 24 hours after installation. Its efficiency is very high: for some furnaces the efficiency is over 90%, which means that it converts over 90% of the gas it burns into heat.

If you are worried over the fact that you don’t know how to maintain a residential natural gas furnace, you should know that isn’t as difficult as it seems upon first inspection. There are some easy steps that you can follow to help keep a clean, warm house and a well-maintained furnace.

One such step, and probably the most easily accomplished, is to change the furnace filter. Firstly, turn off the furnace, cutting the electrical power which can be done with a simple breaker. Remove the filter and take note of your filter dimensions. Purchase a new one in the correct size. These can be found at any home improvement store. Depending on what material was used to manufacture the filter, it must be replaced after a specific period of time. It should be changed more frequently if smokers or pets live in the house.

The old filter must be disposed in the trash – never reused. Place the new filter into the filter compartment once you have removed all the packaging materials that came with it. One of the last steps is to make sure that all the screws that keep the filter compartment closed are screwed back into place. Congratulations! You just finished the work and all you have to do now is to turn on the power switch and set the temperature of your thermostat.

If you decide furnace ownership and maintenance isn’t for you, Furnace rental in Toronto or in any other city’s a great way to keep your home warm, with a small amount effort and a high quality product that is offered by the best companies in the industry.

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