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Keep an Eye on Air Filters and Ductwork

A well-running HVAC system can heat and cool your home for many years. These systems can live long lives if they’re cared for properly. But taking care of your HVAC system generally requires more than a tune-up once a year. These systems attract dust and debris to clog your air filters, and that causes the system to work harder than it should. Even worse, you and your family may suffer allergies or respiratory problems if you don’t change your air filters often.

How to Change an Air Filter

Some companies recommend changing the air filter as often as once per month. At Consumers Energy Management Inc., we know that this depends on how often you use your HVAC system. In a cold Toronto winter, you may be running your heating system all day — regularly replacing the air filter makes sense in that case. If you use your HVAC system sparingly, you can keep the air filter in for a while longer.
When you replace your air filter, first take out the filter and bring it to your local hardware store to find a match. Install the new air filter into your unit, and keep the “air in” label on the filter facing outward. Put in the screws and brackets than came off the last filter. After a few times changing the air filter, you’ll become an expert.

Consistently changing the air filter will save you money in the long run. The clear air filters will keep the HVAC running well, so you will benefit from the energy-efficient devices that you purchased. Additionally, replacing the air filters ensures that dust and other materials aren’t entering the system and getting pumped again through the air. Those with allergies or sensitivity to dust can be miserable throughout the winter and summer if the air filters are not switched out often.

Check on Ductwork

If you continue to experience difficulties with your HVAC system even after replacing the air filters, then your ductwork might be off-balance. Indications of faulty ductwork include too much airflow and a lack of airflow. Outside air could be drawn inside through cracks and gaps, or the HVAC system might try to overcompensate for the imbalance and keep the room excessively cool or hot.

Ductwork problems lead to a lack of energy efficiency, and you may see your energy bill skyrocket. Consumers Energy Management Inc. staffs technicians who can come out and fix these ductwork issues through a series of diagnostic tests. Balancing the airflow is the goal when it comes to ductwork, and we at Consumers Energy Management Inc. can fix this in many homes.

Extending the lifespan of your HVAC system just takes a little work and awareness. If you know what you need to look out for in your system, then you will be able to correct problems. For the larger issues, you can rely on Consumers Energy Management Inc. reliable technicians to find whatever problem you may have in your HVAC system and fix it in time for the hot and cold weather.

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