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Keep Your HVAC Systems Working For Years

Spending the money on a functional, efficient HVAC system is well worth it when the system is properly maintained over the years. All HVAC systems have a lifespan, but as with anything else that lifespan can decrease if the system isn’t taken care of the way it should. Part of our job at Consumers Energy Management is to help our customers find options and devices to keep their systems running well. We don’t just install the units and leave — we stick around to help you with your systems for the years to come.

Float Switches

Some of the accessories we provide at Consumers Energy Management include float switches. These devices can help you avoid an overflow, which will likely cause damage to your residence. Debris and microbe build-up may cause problems in the condensate drain running from your air handler. The debris can clog that area, causing overflow. The float switch detects this and sends a signal to your outdoor compressor, telling it to switch off.

When the compressor shuts down, the condensation stops, so you can clean the drain before resetting your breaker. These inexpensive tools can be tested once we install them, so you can be sure that you have a working float switch. A condensate overflow can cause serious damage to your HVAC system, and a simple float switch might be all you need to curtail that danger.

Surge Protection

All electronics in the home that can be affected by lightning benefit from a surge protector. HVAC systems work the same way. Consumers Energy Management provides a surge protector that will direct lightning to the ground, instead of striking your unit. If the bolt contains more power than the surge protector can handle, the protector will “self-sacrifice” and create a dead short to the ground. This still saves your HVAC system from serious damage.

In addition to allowing you to run your system during a storm, this Supco model prevents system breakdowns due to excessive heat and utility events. A Connected Equipment Guarantee of up to $10,000 protects your investment.

While severe lightning storms in this area Toronto may not come around often, you want a surge protector handy in case you get caught off-guard. A single lightning strike to your system can completely destroy the HVAC, leaving you without heating or cooling and a need to replace your units. Investing in a surge protector will give you peace of mind when you hear that a storm is on the horizon, and you can rest easy knowing that a quality product is keeping your HVAC safe.

Overall, these two devices are just a few ways for you to keep your HVAC running for as long as it can. All systems die eventually, but you want yours to live as long as possible before it croaks. Consumers Energy Management can provide more information about preventative maintenance — just send us an email or call us. We are here to help you extend the life of a high-quality, efficient HVAC system.

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