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Look Into Thermostats This Winter

Winter in the Toronto Area can be brutal, and a cold home can make people miserable. At Consumers Energy Management Inc., we try to help our customers find the best heating system that works for their home and their needs. However, installing a heating system isn’t the only part of ensuring that you have a successful and efficient heating system this winter. If you have faulty thermostats or older mercury thermostats, you should consider swapping them out.

Get Rid of Mercury Thermostats

Years ago, nearly every household that needed heating used mercury thermostats, but these days you can trash your old thermostat and use a programmable one instead. Mercury poses many dangers to the environment and to the body. The element can contaminate large bodies of water and cause development problems in children. Also, the thermostats can’t just be thrown away in the trashcan — you need to recycle the substance at a certified station.

A programmable thermostat, on the other hand, runs on batteries or electricity like many of our other modern appliances. With these modern thermostats, you can set temperatures for certain times of day. If you want to set the thermostat at a higher temperature during the day and a lower one at night, you can do that easily.

When your programmable thermostat has run its course, you can throw it away easily instead of worrying about the safe disposal of a toxic material. The less we use mercury, the better off we’ll be, and programmable thermostats are part of that progression.

Consider Installing a Zoning System

Consumers Energy Management Inc. also assists customers in putting in zoning systems. Zoning systems involve the installation of several programmable thermostats within the home, creating different heat zones for separate rooms. This system works if you live in a home with someone who disagrees with how warm it should be in the residence.

Instead of constantly changing the temperature on one thermostat, which may not be energy-efficient, create your own zones in your house where everyone can be happy. If you are happy with a 15-degree C temperature in your bedroom but your roommate likes it toasty at 21 degrees, you can both win by having your own thermostats.

Zoning systems help to conserve energy as well. Rather than heating the entirety of the residence, you can program a thermostat in an unused room to a lower temperature. That means you aren’t wasting energy heating a room that not many people use, so the HVAC system isn’t working as hard as it might if you only had one thermostat.

Overall, residents in and around Toronto can only benefit from replacing a mercury thermostat with a programmable one. Keep warm and healthy in Toronto this winter with a simple device that can heat your home, rather than dealing with hazardous material that has become outdated in recent years. Call Consumers Energy Management Inc. to see how we can help you begin the process of installing a programmable thermostat (or several) today.

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