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Goodman 92.1% AFUE Furnace

Up to 92.1% AFUE Performance Single-Stage, Multi-Speed

    Installed in 24 hours!


  • Tubular heat exchanger with aluminized-steel dual-diameter
  • Quiet four-speed circulator blower motor with maximum energy savings
  • Heavy-duty hot surface mini-igniter
  • Self-diagnostics electronic control board
  • Inaudible single-speed induced draft blower
  • Corrosion and rust free painted steel cabinet

To run any household, it is important to find a balance between the family’s comfort and the monthly energy costs. To maximize both your family comfort and energy savings, Goodman has developed this GKS9 furnace. This gas furnace is Energy-Efficient Multi-Speed furnace and it helps reduce your monthly energy expenses without compromising on your family’s comfort. After installing this furnace, you will enjoy best of both worlds.

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Goodman 92.1% AFUE Gas Furnace Finance and Cost/Price Toronto