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Up to 96% AFUE, Two-Stage, ECM Gas Furnace

    Installed in 24 hours!


  • California NOx approved with up to 96% AFUE, all models
  • All models approved by ENERGY STAR®
  • Furnace with two−stage heating operation
  • ECM Blower motor with Xtra SEER
  • Supports both single and two-stage cooling units
  • Paring with other applications approved
  • Cooling features a dehumidification feature
  • Air cleaner electronic terminal.

A Tough Customer

To ensure both durability and strength, KeepRite G9MXT Gas Furnace enjoys engineering advancements including

  • Standard flame roll−out sensors
  • Heating blower OFF delay
  • Factory set blower ON delay
  • Secondary heat exchanger manufactured from stainless steel
  • High temperature limit control to check and prevent overheating
  • Direct ignition with Silicon Nitride igniter
  • One piece, corrosion-resistant steel cabinet


Quiet and Easy To Maintain

KeepRite G9MXT Gas Furnace operates at quieter, lower heating rates to ensure the system is inaudible and provides a comfortable environment within the house. To further ensure quiet operation, the furnace is housed in insulated steel cabinet with two−speed induced draft combustion blower. This unit is also equipped with a self-diagnostics super bright LED and a slide out heat exchanger assembly and blower assembly for easy service and maintenance.

Consumers Energy Management Inc. is Authorized Retailer of KeepRite


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