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Nest Protect

Battery or Wired Wi-Fi Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

    Installed in 24 hours!


  • Sleek Design available in two colors; Black or White.
  • Available in two configurations: Wired and Battery for any installation.
  • Built in Wi-Fi and Smart Phone enabled and will send a message to your phone if the alarm goes off.
Battery Wired
External button and connector Nest button Nest button
120V AC connector
Size and weight Height: 13.4 cm (5.28 inches) Height: 13.4 cm (5.28 inches)
Width: 13.4 cm (5.28 inches) Width: 13.4 cm (5.28 inches)
Depth: 4.1 cm (1.63 inches) Depth: 4.1 cm (1.63 inches)
Weight: 372 grams (13.1 ounces) Weight: 352 grams (12.4 ounces)
Sensors Photoelectric smoke sensor
Carbon monoxide sensor
Heat sensor
Three activity sensors
Ambient light sensor
Humidity sensor
Speaker and horn Speaker: 80dB @ 1 m (3ft) @ 1kHz
Horn: 85 dB SPL at 3 m (10ft)
Wireless Wi-Fi connection: 802.11 – 2.4 GHz
Wireless Interconnect: 802.15.4 – 2.4 GHz
System Requirements Green
PVC free
Recyclable packaging
This alarm should not be installed in locations where the normal ambient temperature is below 4°C (40°F) or exceeds 38°C (100°F).
Humidity Range: 20%RH to 80%RH (non condensing).
Languages Languages available out-of-the-box: English, French
Consumers Energy Management Inc. is Authorized Retailer of Nest Smoke Alarms
Nest Protect Smoke Alarm Specifications & Rental in Mississauga