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Bosch Greentherm C1050ES Gas Tankless Water Heater

Bosch Thermotechnology Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Condensing technology with 96% thermal efficiency and ENERGY STAR rating

    Installed in 24 hours!


  • Bosch Greentherm Efficient Tankless Water Heater provides improved energy factor to 0.95.
  • With the introduction of an active bypass, it offers superior temperature stability.
  • External condensate drain is not required for residential applications without recirculation.
  • Offers new venting options.
  • Affordable installation with approved use of ½” gas line.

Bosch Greentherm C1050ES Gas Tankless Water Heaters are equipped with an automated and fully modulating bypass with condensing technology that provides unsurpassed DHW temperature stability and improved energy efficiency. This tankless gas water heater is also designed to capture the latent heat of the flue gases to make it more energy efficient by 10%.


To save space, the Bosch Greentherm C1050ES Tankless Water Heaters can be wall mounted while the technology only uses gas to heat the water when there is a demand. The Bosch Greentherm water heater offers a variety of different innovative features which ensures maximum performance with virtually endless hot water.

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