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Bosch Thermotechnology Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Condensing technology with 96% thermal efficiency and ENERGY STAR rating

    Installed in 24 hours!


  • Bosch Greentherm Efficient Tankless Water Heater provides improved energy factor to 0.95.
  • With the introduction of an active bypass, it offers superior temperature stability.
  • External condensate drain is not required for residential applications without recirculation.
  • Offers new venting options.
  • Affordable installation with approved use of ½” gas line.

Greentherm C 1050


Condensing/Non-Condensing Condensing
Application Residential or Commercial
Max Input (BTU) 199,000
Min Input (BTU) 19,900
Capacity at 35°F Rise (gpm) 10.7
Capacity at 55°F Rise (gpm) 6.8
Intelligent Cascading Yes
Min Flow Rate 0.50 gpm
Temp Range (°F) 100 – 140
Temp Stability (°F) +/- 2
Default Temp (°F) 122
Energy Factor 0.95
Thermal Efficiency 96%
Installation Options Indoor or Outdoor
Dimensions (w x h x d) 17.875″ x 30½” x 11¼”
Weight (lbs.) 74
Inlet Connection ¾” NPT
Outlet Connection ¾” NPT
Gas Connection ¾” NPT
Max Water Pressure 150 psi
Min Water Pressure 30 psi
Min NG Presure 3.5″ WC
Condensing Heat Exchanger Aluminum
Venting Options PVC, CPVC, ABS, Cat III, Stainless Steel, Outdoor Kit and Polypropylene
Vent Maximun Run 63′
Energy Star Rated Yes Yes
* 3 Years if used in direct recirculation applications See full details in “Warranty” section
Consumers Energy Management Inc. is Authorized Retailer of Bosch
Bosch Greentherm C1050ES Specifications & Cost/Price Mississauga