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Protect HVAC Equipment With New Filters

Many HVAC companies, including us at Consumers Energy Management, advise residents to replace their air filters regularly in order to ensure indoor air quality. Most indoor air actually has more damaging material in it than outdoor air, so many HVAC experts put a big emphasis on consistently switching out the filters.

However, some people might tire of buying the same filters every time. These furnace air filters can be much more than just fiberglass strands in a cardboard frame. The traditional air filters do a good job of capturing large particles, but HVAC systems will benefit even more from better filters that block more particulates.

Improve Indoor Air Quality and Prolong HVAC Life

If your focus is on keeping your HVAC system running for as long as possible, as well as on keeping the indoor air quality at a suitable level, you need to invest in more expensive air filters. While this may seem daunting to some, it’s actually a great choice. Instead of purchasing a fiberglass filter, opt for pleated paper material. This material is finer than the fiberglass and catches more debris and organisms. This clears the air even more while preventing that junk from circulating through your HVAC system.

Alternatively, you could choose an electrostatic filter. These filters build up an electromagnetic charge as air passes over the metal or plastic strips inside. The charge draws the particles, and can capture material five times smaller than the particles that stick to a traditional filter. This way, you can rest at ease in knowing that a high-tech filter is doing the most it can to clean your air of unwanted dust, allergens and more.

Electrostatic filters do cost more than the traditional and pleated paper varieties, but you can clean and reuse them several times. That results in more of a cost savings, since you don’t have to purchase a new electrostatic filter every few months.

Keep HVAC Systems Efficient

Nowadays, many HVAC systems are built to be more efficient than they ever were before. But these efficient systems can only work to save energy when they are functioning at full capacity. That means making sure your furnace is clean, without debris inside the system. Particles and debris cause the furnace to work harder than it should, and that causes a spike in your energy bill during the coldest months.

Investing in a pricier air filter might seem like you are spending more in order to spend less. In reality, the investment will save you money in the long run. Additionally, consider purchasing an indoor air purifier to keep your abode even healthier. Not only will the purifier help the indoor air quality, it will also prevent dust particles from traveling into your furnace and putting stress on its parts.
Toronto area residents who really want to save money during the winter can continue to switch out traditional air filters for the health of the HVAC system. But if your focus is on indoor air quality and extending the life of the furnace to its maximum years, consider investigating other filtration and purification options.

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