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Signs Your HVAC System May Need Professional Maintenance

Several different issues can arise with your HVAC system, ranging from issues that pose a mild convenience to those that can lead to major disasters in your home if not taken care of immediately.

Many issues, such as major leaks or electrical problems that require urgent attention by HVAC professionals. However, there are also plenty of problems that homeowners can troubleshoot and fix on their own with a minimum amount of difficulty. By paying close attention to the HVAC system and by performing regular inspections and basic maintenance tasks you can identify and take care of minor problems with your HVAC system before they become major issues.

One common problem that many homeowners may begin to notice is that their air filters are becoming dirty and dingy too quickly. While air filters should be replaced every one to three months on average, extremely dirty filters – especially those that are leading to large amounts of dust in the home or strange smells – should be replaced immediately. Homeowners who are noticing that their air filters are in need of replacement on a more regular basis may need to call HVAC professionals to their home for a thorough cleaning of the HVAC system, including the ducts, as this problem is often due to excessive amounts of dust and dirt buildup in the system itself.

As the temperature outside rises, many homeowners may begin to notice that the air inside their home is a little bit warmer than expected, or that their HVAC system seems to be working a little bit harder than it has to. This can be a sign that the HVAC system is not running as efficiently as it should be, especially when paired with a higher than expected energy bill. Basic tasks such as changing the air filter and inspecting the system for potential problems are a good first step, but a professional cleaning may be in order if these tasks do not resolve the problem.

Why Call For Professional Maintenance?

These warning signs of HVAC issues may seem minor, but remember that letting a problem escalate can only lead to bigger issues, in the long run. Often, all that needs to be done to get an HVAC system back to normal is basic maintenance, such as upping refrigerant levels, fixing leaks, or performing a cleaning of the ductwork in the system. However, calling for a professional when these kinds of problems arise can also help homeowners identify and fix more serious problems that can lead to HVAC system disasters if not taken care of right away.

Remember that even seemingly minor changes in the way that an HVAC system operates can be an indicator that there is a bigger issue in need of attention. Regular, professional maintenance ultimately saves you money and keeps your home cleaner and more comfortable, in the long run. Whether there are issues with the HVAC system that are in need of attention or it’s simply time to call for a biannual servicing of the HVAC system, be sure to keep the number to your local HVAC professionals handy.

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