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The Importance of Home Performance Testing

When you are looking to install a new heating system in your home, you need professionals who can fully examine your residence’s structure and tailor the system to fit. Once you get a company like Consumers Energy Management to install a furnace in Toronto, remember that the work is not yet over. With preventative maintenance and home performance testing and service, you can keep your system running well throughout the winter months.

Duct System Endoscopy

Preventative maintenance includes annual home check-up on your heating system. These check-up is key to keeping your system running efficiently while maintaining good indoor air quality. One of our first tests, a duct system endoscopy, examines your ductwork with a camera. We look for signs of obstructions and dirt so we can clean it out and remove any allergens or other bothersome contaminants.
This test is a great test to recommend if you are concerned about the age of your duct system, if you are suffering respiratory or allergy issues, or if you’re worried about mildew coming through your vents. These are legitimate concerns that should be addressed by HVAC experts like Consumers Energy Management.

Duct System Leakage Test

A duct system leakage test determines whether or not you are losing air through your system due to improper sealing or tears. By sealing off your registers and forcing air through the system, computer will let us know how much air is being lost.

In addition to discovering how much air is lost, we provide a full report and recommendations on how to prevent the air loss. This test works for those who notice that their energy bills seem high even with efficient appliances. If you see substances on your vents and dust right after cleaning, that could also indicate a leakage problem.

Whole Home Performance Testing

If the other two tests fail and you still encounter problems with your HVAC system, Consumers Energy Management performs testing for the whole home. Our Blower Door Test allows us to find unsealed cracks and openings in the walls, roof, attic and crawl spaces.

This test will indicate whether or not another component of your home is causing the HVAC problems, and not the HVAC itself. With this test, we provide a full analysis of the home, including photos and recommendations.

If you think your system cannot be repaired, make sure to check with Consumers Energy Management first before you give up and purchase another system. Your system may function well normally, but it could be clogged with debris or encounter leakage problems. Having a functioning heating system is vital in the winter when you need the comfort of warmth in the home. Once you start noticing a change in your heating system that indicates problems, give Consumers Energy Management a call.

Remember to keep us coming in for check-ups on an annual basis so we can clean out your system and ensure efficiency and cleanliness. A working HVAC system is too important in the winter to ignore!

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