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The Nitty-Gritty on Air Conditioning Units

Replacing your air conditioning unit right before the summer may be a good idea for those experiencing problems in Greater Toronto Area – GTA. Once you make the decision that the life of your previous unit is over, you need to research your options and pick the best unit you can, right? Fortunately, Consumers Energy Management makes the decision easier for you.

When you look at a possible A/C unit to install in your home, you want something that will last years and will work to save you money on your energy bills. Air conditioning can cost a lot of money for Ontario residents in the summer. We understand that well, so our mission is to provide units that can cool your home without wasting energy.

Central Air Conditioning Unit

The central A/C unit is the basic unit many of us think of when we consider air conditioning. Generally, the central A/C is paired with a heating system inside the home, such as a furnace. The heat from the air inside your home blows across the unit’s indoor evaporator coil. The air cools when the heat energy transfers to the coil. The coil passes along the energy to the outside unit, where the warm air is pumped out.

The cool air pumps back through your home to make your residence feel nice during the summer months. The compressor is located outside, so your A/C won’t make as much noise as other systems. Additionally, the unit condenses moisture out of air when it passes through its interior coil. That means you won’t have to suffer as much from the high humidity in the area.

Packaged Air Conditioning Unit

The packaged A/C unit takes everything an HVAC system offers and makes it smaller. Its evaporator, condenser and compressor fits into a much smaller space, but functions with just as much power and efficiency.

This packaged unit works well for businesses that don’t have a lot of room to spare. We can install the unit on the ground outside your business, or even on the roof of your business. That way, you can benefit from a cooled area when you have to work during the summer.

Preventative Maintenance and Tune-Ups

When you purchase an A/C unit from Consumers Energy Management, you can be sure that we will perform a high-quality job installing the unit and making sure it works. After that, though, the onus is on the customer to keep in mind the importance of preventative maintenance and tune-ups. Even if you only use your A/C unit a few times a year, you should remember that the unit needs to be checked annually.

With regular tune-ups, we can ensure that your unit is running efficiently and safely. Indoor air quality and energy bills can be impacted due to the lack of sufficient care of your systems, including your heating devices. If you want to enjoy your A/C system to its fullest, then you need to check on it once in a while to see that everything is going well. At Consumers Energy Management, we can help you by coming by to perform our full diagnostics testing.

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